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For the past 12 years, I have devoted my career to working with kids. To earn my certification in child development during my career, I had to complete training. I then spent 8 years working as a preschool supervisor.

Early Years employment offers a diverse range of responsibilities. I had administrative and clerical tasks in addition to watching over the kids in my charge. I made sure the nursery complied with safety regulations and regularly evaluated risks as we went. This must be in accordance with current law and government. This also involves strict food hygiene requirements and infection control methods.

Additionally, I had to demonstrate my understanding of early development milestones and learning processes. Following that, inclusive planning in the environment that supports kids with various developmental needs is required.
Additionally, I made sure that the Curriculum for Excellence, GIRFEC, and Realising Ambition documents were followed by staff when writing their learning observations.

Along with these organisations, I also collaborated with the local government and social work, environmental health, Child Smile, and other outside organisations.
I’m seeking for a new position that will allow me to put the abilities I’ve acquired during my career to use. I have excellent communication skills, I am organised and I work well under pressure or in an emergency.

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